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Electronic shelf label in the domestic market

Electronic shelf label system application in the retail industry in the country is still at its initial stage, one of two reasons:

1) compared with the developed countries, domestic maintenance costs of cheap labor costs of paper labels

Electronic shelf labels

Electronic shelf labels

There is very little share of the total operating cost of the Mall;

2) previous electronic shelf label system manufacturers abroad.

3) electronic shelf label system for installation and use-value has been the focus of contention in many businesses. Such a balance with China's retail market becoming more international and electronic shelf label system itself will gradually be broken.

Major retail giants entering brings advanced technology and management at the same time, also contributed to the massive Mall competition. Adopting new technologies to improve their competitiveness will be the inevitable choice for businesses.

Low cost would be the electronic shelf label system manufacturer has always been the pursuit of targets in the future, each major competition between manufacturers in the core technical aspects of the competition, breaking the bottom line cost the company will in future electronic shelf label system markets the greatest advantage.

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