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Electronic shelf labels working principle

A complete ESL system includes main computer PC, EPD screen, electronic labels, ESL and smart handheld device composed of four parts. First database in of commodity information by main computer through ESL system application software for coding processing, then will need update of price, information through Ethernet (or serial communications mouth) transfer to inspired device; inspired device drive ring antenna will contains has commodity data information of RF radio signal sent to whole stores (here of ring antenna usually layout in stores ceiling Shang around with whole stores building, will RF wireless signal of cover range limit in a specific of closed space internal) Electronic label ESL is a radio data receiver with identification number, they can restore the received RF signal into a valid digital signal and displayed, with point-to-point and group two ESL communication functions, namely: main computer can transmit data over a label or control once and for all labels.

Each ESL stores have a more product information, the salesperson can use smart handheld devices to easily query check.

ESL placement within special PVC Rails (Rails fixed on the shelf), and also for hanging or can be set to a variety of structures.

ESL system also supports remote control and headquarters through the network of the chain Division of the harmonized commodity price management.

Modern science and technology with the P.O.S application and scanner has brought great changes to retail and business opportunities, there is reason to believe that tens of thousands of ESL to store shelves the influence brought about by in size will exceed the former, becoming another milestone.

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