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Murata introduced RFID tag, UHF RFID reader/writer a seat place

Japan village field making by (Xia referred to "village field"), as global leading of electronic components producers, in RFID (this station has introduced RFID of technology classification and features) field, development has RFID electronic label "MAGICSTRAP ® *" products, tie UHF RFID read and write device, success to will miniaturization, and better of package and high reliability, the technology advantage into to has RFID products field. Applied for multi-layer boards and embedded RF components and design of the circuit design and antenna design technology, which eliminates time and space on the PCB Board design antenna. PCB Board grounding area as the antenna, making the entire PCB Board a RFID electronic tags to facilitate ultra high frequency RFID reader to read.

Help achieve precision goods management

Data integration RFID electronic label height can record more information on commodity, and batch processing of data. Through the UHF RFID reader, flow of goods from the factory to the clearly recorded, to increase the transparency of commodity trading, so that consumers can rest assured purchase. UHF RFID reader can read RFID tags for information, buy goods from RFID tags also can match the owner information, so that when items need to be fixed UHF RFID reader reads the information on the label can confirm your ownership of the goods, without cumbersome to carry other information such as the invoice. Because of these advantages, RFID technology in tracking, security and certification of luxury goods and a series of links play a vital role.

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