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Clip Strip

What is clip strip?

Clip strip is the best complement of the small hanging merchandises for display, attached to various packaging boxes. It is widely used in shelves, export cartons and POP display racks boast in its unique-designed trait and easily supporting use. Clip strip with hooks (6hooks, 8hooks, 12hooks...) based on the capability of optimizing and occupying the space to stand out the merchandises in clear and tridimensional displaying ways, hanging a series of merchandises to achieve the goal of attracting the consumers’ eyes .

The classifications of clip strip

Clip strip mainly be divided into following categories in line with the purposes: food clip strip, folding clip strip, frosted clip strip, plastic clip strip, PP clip strip, PVC clip strip, plastic hanging pieces, promotional clip strip, transparent clip strip, toy clip strip and so on.

The advantages of clip strip

Features: clip strip has broad format and long-lasting advertising effect with durable function and affordable trait, in other words, it will not only maintain the practical vale but also aim at providing the good advertising propaganda for firms; it can be customized the different pattern types of advertisement for  customers in accordance with the industrial characteristics.

The material of clip strip

Clip strip is applying new-type and regenerative PP material, UV double-side color printing, adding customized company logo and advertisement according to the customers’ requirements.

The dimensions of clip strip

The dimension can be customized, and the usual dimensions in current market: 540㎜×55㎜、600㎜×40㎜、830㎜×40㎜、600㎜×77㎜、735㎜ X75㎜ and so on.


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