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Exhibits range: The exhibition are divided into four display areas so that audiences can conveniently find the products and technical solutions:

EuroConcept: Commercial equipment and facilities, shelf and rack exhibit equipment, supermarket trolley, shopping basket and shopping bag; automatic lockers; supermarket checkout; showcase design.

EuroSales: Vision marketing and sales promotion technologies: POS marketing, store display, market display props, POP advertising products, poster; various types of advertising equipment: digital board, interactive media, multimedia, audio-visual technology; gifts, promotion items and handicrafts; POPAI Global Village...

EuroCIS: Commercial automation, security and IT related checkout settlement system, EFS; goods management system; touching computer, vending machine, NFC related terminal equipment; entrance guard system, anti-theft technology, protection technology, alarm system, security system, emergency disposal system, intelligence channel system, automatic recognition facility and technology, commodity bar encoding technology, scanner, automatic sorting machine, packaging equipment, and other intelligent technology and equipment etc.

EuroExpo: Commercial space design and display equipment: exhibition booth design, construction technology, commercial showcase design, stop design and decoration, shore design, planning and construction, merchandise display facility and equipment, various types of display equipment, store decorating material and technology, exhibition consultant, design, marketing and promotion technology and brand promotion activities.

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