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Frequency Divider Technology Parameter

In General, the crossover consists of three basic parameters.

First, is the crossover frequency point, this should be enough said.

Second, is the so-called crossover "road", or crossover you can input signal into different frequency signals, we usually say that the two-way, three-way, is the crossover of the "road".

Third, is the crossover of "order", also known as "classes".

A passive crossover is essentially the combination of several high-pass and low-pass filter circuit, and the number of filter circuit, is above the "road". But in each filter circuit, and more elaborate designs, in other words, in each filter circuit, you can separately through a series of filters, the filter frequency, is the crossover of "order".

Structure of the first-order crossover frequency tolerance, while second-order crossovers for each road passed through two filters, the "two filter" is the "second-order" really means!

Actually, "second-order crossover device" such of claims also does not specification, because "order" is not is for whole crossover device of, but for which of a a "road" of, so strictly of claims should is "double road crossover device, high low frequency are used second-order filter", because although does not more see, but high frequency used second-order filter and low frequency used a order filter such of design is some.

In addition to the first division and second division, a passive crossover has three bands, four levels and six Division. Used higher order crossover of benefits is its filter attenuation slope more big, crossover effect better, and also conducive to design crossover compensation circuit (because is not "points" have more completely more clean of crossover device is good crossover device, theory said, crossover Hou of two a signal curve in overlay zhihou, and original curve completely consistent, this is real of good crossover device), but higher order crossover of power loss big, especially phase effect big, design bad voice on will mess has sets. So instead of the higher-order, the lower the frequency, the better.

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