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Introduction Of Showcard Frame

The types of showcard frame that we usually seen can be divided into single column, double columns and three columns showcard frame, tabletop triangle price board and so on. The general size is 580*420mm, 580*560mm or 435*440mm. The colors of showcard frame can be customized which vary from the stores’ themes; the product positioning also can be reflected in the price boards, such as new products, member goods, special offer commodities; the sales themes can be replaced as well. The routine price board is using thickness 1.0mm or 1.5mm PVC board, others with the KT or foam boards. Comparing with them, the PVC board will not brittle or fade which with stronger toughness and longer service life. Digital plate applies thickness 25mm thread PVC material high-quality yellow piece; digital uses environmental ink screen printing, which in accordance with the supermarket sanitation standards.

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