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Introduction To Shopping Basket

Shopping basket is also called "basket", "shopping basket"

Shopping basket, English name: shopping basket

shopping basket

The shopping basket can be divided into solid and foldable shopping basket the shopping basket.

Solid basket refers to the shape, not folded. Commonly found in large supermarkets, mostly plastic and stainless steel materials, significant.

Collapsible shopping basket to save space, easy to carry design new shopping basket. Suitable for families, shopping, selling vegetables and other small goods transport and storage.

Collapsible shopping basket material for waterproof cloth and a metal hollow tube.

Tarps regular for Oxford, wear-resistant, easy to scrub.

Conventional aluminum tubes and pipes hollow metal tube, light weight and carrying easy.

Free plastic shopping bags, cancelled, prompting more consumers tend to buy household shopping basket. Collapsible shopping basket will be preferred. China now has some company started by producing solid shopping basket, collapsible shopping basket in transition. Collapsible shopping basket from abroad by Chinese foreign trade enterprises transferred to Chinese, such enterprises are more concentrated in the foreign trade enterprises in Zhejiang Yiwu.

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