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POP Label Clip

POP label clip and plastic clips are different

POP label clip material used is the new PS plastic and stainless steel spring, with the use of convenient, fine workmanship features, adjustable tilt and rotation angle. All plastic clips generally refer to clips made of pure plastic without any metal, and the materials commonly used to make such clips are PP (Polypropylene Plastic) and PS (Polystyrene Plastic). The application in the industry is generally PP material. Applicable to cylindrical objects version, square tube, partitions, round pipe and other diameter or thickness of not more than 3cm objects.

Plastic clip Features: 360 degrees free rotation, can be applied to a variety of shop display, the overall quality of new ABS injection, tough and the same type, durable. As the whole plastic clip with a special process, the application of targeted, it can not be with the general necessities, strictly speaking, this fixture is industrial supplies.

POP label clip advertising features:

1. nice and beautiful, causing consumers to pay attention to the goods.

2. Promote the purchase of impulse to increase the turnover of stores.

3. Make a good interaction between consumers and shops.

4. Make the festive season add a more intense atmosphere.

5. so that consumers left a deep impression on the shops.

6. Replace the shop assistant to explain the use of goods and features.

7. Save manpower waste and reduce expenses.

8. Rapid mobile show other media can not express the strengths.

9. Inform the news of new listings and advertising promotions.

10. To make consumers have a free choice of goods relaxed atmosphere.

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