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Types And Features Of Acrylic Displaly Stand Holder

Features of Acrylic displaly stand holder:

Beautiful appearance, solid structure, assembly free, easy disassembly, transport convenience. And fine display stand holder beautiful style, elegant, and a good decorative effect, The premium display stand holder to make the product to play a different charm.

Application for Acrylic displaly stand holder:

It is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, tobacco, wine, pharmacy, glasses, craft gifts, crystal products, hotel supplies, stationery, car supplies, 4S shop car models, plastic products, cosmetics stores, factory products exhibition hall, Foreign trade companies sample room and other products, can also be used for enterprise fairs, and can design more styles, so that products show higher highlights. Boutique display rack much attention and the majority of customers and Green Mi and so on.

Display stand, also known as product display sign holder, promotional display stand, portable exhibition sign holder and information sign holder, and so on. Is based on the characteristics of your product, designed to match the product promotion display stand, coupled with creative LOGO signs, so that your products in front of the public eye-catching, so as to increase the role of advertising products.

The main types of Acrylic displaly stand holder:

Floor-type sign holder, magnetic sign holder, desktop sign holder, hanging sign holder, Shaped sign holder, theme display pile head, rotating sign holder.

Paper display stand, metal display stand, plexiglass display rack, composite display stand. Titanium display stand

Exhibition display stand, clothing display stand, food display stand, lubricants display stand, information display stand, jewelry display stand, publicity display stand, cosmetics display stand, and so on.

acrylic display stand

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