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Why Some Kinds Of Cigarette Shelf Pusher Will Shining

Why some kinds of cigarette shelf pusher will shining?

If the shelf pusher have any obvious advantages?

Some of the reason why the cigarette shelf pusher will be light because there is a led strip, the normal one is no led strips, the cigarette with led strip can be customized,we can ask manufacturer to do it . As we all know, the role of the shelf pusher is to achieve the automatic replenishment of goods, the goods pushed to the front, to facilitate customers to get goods.

Shelf pusher is used for displaying in a supermarket, convenience stores, pharmacies, combined with store promotion, product display, display, promotion and other multi-functional effects. Automatically promote the product, improve the visibility of goods, increase the display space of goods, reduce the cargo finishing time, stabilize the correct placement of goods.

The assembly of the automatic cigarette shelf pusher (installation) requires only four steps of simple assembly, can be used repeatedly, assembly without any tools, inverted eight buckle design, left and right stitching, easy installation.

Tools / accessoies

    Two  stopper rails

    one  shelf divider

    one shelf pusher

shelf pusher

Method / step

    First put two stalls placed in the plane, pay attention to the width of a wide range of cards inside;

    The shelf divider into the front rail, aligned bayonet gently forced into the card, hear the "despair" of the sound can be;

    Also put the shelf pusher at the rail card into the back, press the top of the thruster when you hear a "despair" to install the success;

    The shelf divider into the front rail, aligned bayonet a little hard card into, and then heard a "despair" on it;

    Finally, repeat the same installation method above, the propeller and divider one by one assembled.


    Installation, the need to pay attention to the direction of the rail placed;

    The shelf divider into the track at the same time need to pay attention to efforts to avoid excessive force caused by material wear and tear.

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