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Working Principle Of Frequency

From circuit structure view, crossover device essentially is by capacitor and inductance coil constitute of LC filter network, treble channel is Qualcomm filter, it only let high frequency signal through and block low frequency signal; bass channel just instead, it only let bass through and block high frequency signal; Alto channel is is a with pass filter, except a low a high two a crossover points Zhijian of frequency can through, high frequency ingredients and low frequency ingredients are will was block. In the actual crossovers, sometimes in order to balance the high sensitivity differences between Woofer and also to decay resistance; in addition, some crossovers also joined the resistance, and capacitance impedance compensation networks, the aim is to make the speaker's impedance curve is flat, so that the amplifier drives.

After the amplifier, set within the speaker through the LC filter, a power amplifier output power audio signals into the bass, middle and treble, sent to their speakers. Connection is simple, easy to use, but the power consumption, audio Valley, crossover distortion, speaker impedance and parameters of direct relation, and the speaker impedance is a function of frequency, and deviation from the nominal value is large, so errors are large, is not conducive to adjustment.

Weak signal frequency of audio equipment, located in before the power amplifiers, frequency and then with separate power amplifiers, audio frequency signals for each amplifier, and then sent to the speaker unit. Due to smaller electronic power active filter for it can be smaller, adjust more easily, reducing the power loss, and interference between the speaker unit. Signal loss, sound quality good. But in this way, each independent power amplifiers, high cost structure complex, used in professional sound reinforcement systems.

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