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breakable pop divider

  • POP Label Clip
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    POP Label Clip

    POP label clips provide pricing and promotional messages ,widely used in supermarket and store for products merchandising. SH-SLJ01 POP Clip holder SH-SLJ02 POP sign clip SH-SLJ03 POP card grippers SH-SLJ04 POP price holder clip...
  • Breakable Shelf Divider
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    Breakable Shelf Divider

    Breakable dividers can suit different depth shelf,good choice for product merchandising.
  • Custom Shelf Divider
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    Custom Shelf Divider

    Custom shelf divider usually by clients own design.we provide different material for choice such as SAN PC PS and PET.Also can carry customer own logos.
  • POP Frame Clip
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    POP Frame Clip

    POP frame clip is widely used in supermarket for Sales promotion,with different clips and stands and can be used in desks shelves also metal stands. SH-POP43 POP frame clip SH-POP44 POP frame clip SH-POP45 POP frame clip SH-POP47 POP...
  • Shelf Divider Rails
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    Shelf Divider Rails

    Divider rails usually used for fix dividers or pushers on shelf and always with tape or magent tape on bottom.which can help rails stand on shelf surface easily.
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