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buy 3M tape sticker shelf strip

  • Wire Basket Shelf Data Strip

    Contact NowWire Basket Shelf Data StripBQ-05-05 Wire basket data strip can be hanging on metal wire and display price or promotion for clients. BQ-05-05 wire basket label holder About Shanghe: Jiashan Shanghe Display Co.,LTD is located in Jiashan City, which is an...

  • PET Tape Self Adhesive Data Strip

    Contact NowPET Tape Self Adhesive Data StripSticker series is the basic label holder for shelves.Self adhesive data strip can carry PET tape Foam tape and brand tape such as 3M tape.It’s the solution for for organizing many retail fixtures such as shelves, racks, drawers and...

  • Clip on Channel Data Strip

    Contact NowClip on Channel Data StripClip-on channel data strips can be installed Quickly and easily onto bottom of shelf channel.

  • Metal Scan Hook Data Strip

    Contact NowMetal Scan Hook Data StripBQ-01-05 metal scan hook label holder BQ-01-06 metal scan hook price holder About Shanghe: Jiashan Shanghe Display Co.,LTD is located in Jiashan City, which is an economically developed area in China. Shanghe display have own factory...

  • Drink Shelf Pusher

    Contact NowDrink Shelf PusherPusher systems strengthen your brand awarness and customer will have confidence in the products.According to the researches,pusher system can increase sales of products to more than 15%. Shanghe drink pusher system can help you manage...

  • Metal Scan Plate Data Strip

    Contact NowMetal Scan Plate Data StripMetal scan plate data strips been used on metal plate for display price informations. BQ-01-05 metal scan plate label holder BQ-01-11 metal scan plate price holder About Shanghe: Jiashan Shanghe Display Co.,LTD is located in Jiashan...

  • Shelf Divider Rails

    Contact NowShelf Divider RailsDivider rails usually used for fix dividers or pushers on shelf and always with tape or magent tape on bottom.which can help rails stand on shelf surface easily.

  • Insert Channel Data Strip

    Contact NowInsert Channel Data StripInsert channel series is popular label holder for shelves.It’s quick and easy to install on metal shelves.Shanghe’s insert channel data strip have good transparency quality that is widely used in supermarkets and chain stores. BQ-04-02...

  • Flip Up Channel Data Strip

    Contact NowFlip Up Channel Data StripFlip up channel data strip for shelf channel display allowing for easy re-stocking shelf. Hinge allows signs to withstand knocks and jostling without being displaced.Shanghe can provide custom works to meet your request on function....

  • Cigarette Shelf Pusher

    Contact NowCigarette Shelf PusherCigarette pusher system focus on management of cigarettes display.It’s widely used in retail store and convenient shops. Shanghe cigarette pusher syste m Cigarette shelf pushers are specially designed for display of cigarette and...

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